Bringing it to life..

I have been having fun. We are allowed to do so you know. In this case I had put together a PowerPoint presentation which I was using as a catalyst for a discussion with clients and colleagues about the mindsets we bring to change. I was thinking of recording it with a voiceover and posting it on here. 

But I began to wonder if there were other ways of doing it that could be more engaging than a slide show - and I do not have much patience for writing formal scripted voice-overs.

I have always though the

RSA Animate

series was fun and engaging but also thought it was out of my league. But then I found

Sparkol Videoscribe

 which was very much in my league. It is a simple tool for creating whiteboard animations and with some excellent video tutorials I was almost there.

To get the most out of Videoscribe (or indeed most animation tools) your drawings need to be in what is called SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. Videoscribe makes an attempt to import other formats in SVG but it can be variable. So this is where I turned to a market place I had been wanting to try for a while. 


 is where you can turn to find people worldwide offering services (or 'Gigs' in Fiverr speak) for $5 multiples. From Graphics and Design to Programming to Voice-Overs you can find pretty much any form of on-line support. So I found a team in the Philippines who would take my PowerPoint images and turn them into SVG line art for $5 a throw.

And the result - well take a look for yourself. Feedback welcome.