Agile and Organisational Change

I am increasingly interested in how we can translate lessons from the Agile approaches to software development to organisational change and improvement and redesign projects.

My starting point has been the Kotter Dual Operating Model and the challenge to find change methodologies that realise the full potential of the networked system of change agents. Applying the traditional hierarchical control models is more likely to dampen engagement and enthusiasm - the sense of running through setting concrete comes to mind.

However the hierarchy has a legitimate concern in the management of risk if it is to permit the autonomy of the network. In this case the challenge is to find a methodology that is focussed around a constant stream of small PDSA cycles that are small enough to fail with no significant impact on organisational performance or reputation but robust enough to permit learning.

Looking for inspiration i have turned to Agile approaches to software development and in doing so came across this great video from Spotify about their agile engineering culture. It has tremendous resonances and I am going to be spending a while thinking about how they might translate. What do you think

Spotify Engineering Culture - part 1


Spotify Training & Development




An attempt to describe our engineering culture.

This is a journey in progress, not a journey completed. So the stuff in the video isn't all true for all squads, but it appears to be mostly true for most squads.

(NOTE - Part 2 hasn't been recorded yet. Stay tuned!)