To adapt a well-known saying 'No organisation is an island'. Whether it is 'Sustainable Transformation Plans', system-wide pathway redesign, Vanguard programmes or just health and social care systems tackling major challenges partners need to build and sustain constructive relationships that deliver real change  - from Boards to frontline teams.

Building relationships, creating shared intent and finding the time and space to work on shared challenges is core to success. Consistent support and challenge is an essential part of that journey.

System coaching provides a framework and methodology that supports groups of people at all levels as they navigate complex change and explore new ways of working. 


We are currently supporting a health system on its journey of a major service redesign programme. Starting with Chairs and CEs and then moving to Boards and the core pathway 'Guiding Coalitions', we are coaching the system as it co-designs, tests and implements an engagement, implementation and programme governance and support framework.