Making time to think differently

Time is the single most precious resource that we have - not money. And yet I increasingly observe that it is the resource that at work and especially in a hard pressed public sector that is most poorly managed. Yet the solution lies entirely within your grasp - because your time is yours. You live and you die and in between those two immutable points all those seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks are yours and no-one else's. You make the choices - you are the one who can make the decisions to regain control, how to allocate that time, who to rent it to in the case of work; who to donate it to willingly in the case of family and friends and how much to keep for yourself.

Do you feel like this day after day?:

This blog series is dedicated to helping you think differently about how you can regain control of your time within the working environment. And if you can do that then there will be huge knock on benefits to the other parts of your life.