Social Network Analysis

Understanding and leveraging social networks is an increasingly important dimension in navigating complexity. Mapping connections, identifying weak and strong ties, recruiting 'boundary spanners' and recognising key influencers all contribute to the effectiveness of engagement, co-design, co-production, spread and adoption.

We use Graphical Social Network Analysis (GSNA) tools - in particular NodeXL from the Social Media Research Foundation to map and explore connections and influence within social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. These are used to provide actionable insights into how best to develop and exploit these connections.

Watch the case study below for more information. For your own Social Network Insights Report please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Whether it is mapping the spread of a hashtag (including for example planned spread experiments), visualising the span of your own or someone else's impact or exploiting the insights to support campaigns, events and conferences we can provide advice and support. Please note that for Twitter analysis current Twitter search API restrictions limit searches to the prior 7-8 days. So forward planning is important - if you want to capture data over a longer period then we can run regular searches to build up the database.

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